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ND Sports Performance develop human performance technologies to assist practitioners with the assessment, treatment and training of athletes and patients. Our devices and software are used by some of the world’s leading sports teams, organisations, universities, and private practitioners.

Our first system, the Hamstring Solo Elite, is a hamstring testing device that provides objective hamstring muscle performance data that assists users to reduce the occurrence of hamstring injuries, guide rehabilitation and strength progress, and set targets for hamstring strength training.

Our newest system, the 360 Data Bar, builds upon the technology used in the Hamstring Solo Elite and enables users to test and train a wider variety of muscles & muscle groups. The 360 Data Bar provides objective strength data (isometric & eccentric) for 40+ exercises and tests in a multitude of different positions and joint angles across the entire body including the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle muscle groups, with an additional setting to test and train the hamstring muscle group bilaterally.


Trusted by practitioners working in professional sports teams, organisations,
universities, clinics and performance centres.





Api’s & Data Sharing

A unique set of API’s, which enable direct data transfer from our database to your cloud-based athlete management platform.


Squad Assessment

Squad assessments allow us to evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses using our products and software.


24 Hrs Support 

Apart from the quality of the products, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent after-sales services.


Data Analysis

As part of our ongoing after-sales support we can provide data collection analysis reports, ensuring that your staff are using the system to its optimal potential.