Hamstring Solo – ELITE

The Hamstring Solo Elite is the safest, most accurate way to objectively monitor hamstring vulnerability in the field.

A number of risk factors combine to increase hamstring vulnerability, for example:

  • A lack of muscle strength;
  • A significant left-to-right strength imbalance;
  • Residual fatigue and/or a lack of fatigue resilience in the hamstring muscle group.

In the past, none of these key risk variables could be readily monitored and tracked within practical contexts. Today, however, with the evolution of the Hamstring Solo Elite assessment system, that barrier has been removed.

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Automatically Compiles a Player Specific Performance Overview for each Assessment option

  • Evaluate Training Effectiveness
  • Set training goals
  • Assess proven injury risk factors
  • Tailor specific programmes
  • Monitor fatigue
  • Manage Rehab

The software comprises of a cloud-based storage app platform, and is concurrently compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices. The system comes with customer support, ongoing data collection analysis for staff training and after sales support.

Real Time Feedback

It features real-time feedback, collecting data, analysing and transforming it instantly into unique graphs.

Monitor Left & Right Hamstrings

The Hamstring Solo Elite provides an accurate means of assessing left and right hamstring strength and inter-leg balance, both recognised risk factors in hamstring injury.

Set Targets

Build a player/athlete’s profile providing practitioners with a unique insight into an athlete’s hamstring function and strength. Set strength and exercise targets from profile. Predict when an injury may occur and tailor the athlete’s training regime accordingly.

Fast, Accurate & Easy

Under 2 minutes to assess left and right hamstring strength and inter-leg balance. Leading technology boasts absolute accuracy. User friendly app together with our data conversion to accessible statistics make the Hamstring Solo Elite the first of its kind in the world


Secure Cloud Storage

Gives users benefits of greater accessibility and reliability. Rapid deployment, strong protection for data backup, archival and disaster recovery. Lower overall storage costs as a result of not having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.

Menu Of Exercises

Build a player specific profile on a range of different assessments including eccentric, concentric, isometric options.


Wireless connection of mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices make connecting uncomplicated and effortless.

Average Strength

To get a thorough reflection on an athlete’s key-variables, record multiple reps. The software automatically calculates these variables and presents them in the performance overview.


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