6 in a row Dublin make GAA history

Is there seven in Dublin? Only time will tell. The Dublin footballers are not at the peak of their powers, but they are still an awesome outfit. The greatest of their era for sure and up there with the true greats of any time.

Plenty of people have opinions on how this team was formed and the money that drives them, though those arguments should never take away from a group of individuals, on the field and on the line, who have broken down all the barriers.

“ When we think of building resilience or robustness the ability to achieve a high peak force and maintain it for as long as possible through the greatest arc of movement is probably the nirvana of isolated hamstring loading at present! ”

James Allen, Dublin Senior Football, IRFU National Team Physio (2012 – 2017), Old Belvedere Physiotherapy clinic B.Sc Physio; M.Sc Sports Med.

Recent research demonstrates that training programmes incorporating eccentric hamstring exercises can reduce injuries by up to 51% (Van Dyk et al, 2019). However, when using conventional eccentric movements failure typically occurs at short-to-mid-range hamstring muscle lengths. Cable-assisted hamstring training enables safe and controlled hamstring loading at longer muscle lengths thereby enabling: