Improving sporting performance through science, medicine, technology and engineering.

We are honoured to announce our agreement with the English Institute of Sport (EIS). The EIS provide world-leading support to over 30 sports & 100's of athletes preparing for major championships & competitions. The EIS has selected the Hamstring Solo as their partner of choice.

The EIS provides support services to British Olympic and Paralympic sports, enabling sports and athletes to realise potential and to achieve excellence.

The EIS is the largest single provider of world-class science, medicine, technology and engineering services within the sport sector to Olympic and Paralympic sports in the UK. We work with the World Class Programmes in those sports, as well as individual elite athletes through medal support plans.

We understand that to continue to compete at the highest levels not only requires world-class athletes and world-class coaching, but also world-class support services. It is these support services that the EIS specialises in.

Over the years, the support services the EIS offers has expanded, from more traditional sports support such as medicine, physiotherapy and strength and conditioning, into services such as biomechanics, performance innovation and sports intelligence (data). The EIS prides itself on this support being genuinely world-leading.

Just as importantly, the EIS operates as a network, connecting all these outstanding support services into one delivery system. By sharing challenges, information and breakthroughs across the EIS network, sports benefit from the cumulative knowledge of all the people in the EIS network and community. This drives a coordinated, high-quality approach which is excellent value for sports and athletes, who benefit from the collective expertise of over 350 experts working across over 40 sports.

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