Exceptional Accuracy


The in-line axis load ensures Reliable Consistent Data Collection time and time again (Unsupervised).
The unique configuration of the Hamstring Solo Elite eliminates mis-alignment errors, resulting in exceptional accuracy.

  • Feet hanging freely unobstructed in neutral position
  • Quick player set-up
  • Quick player exit if required
  • Easy to alternate between legs without having to readjust the ankle restraints between efforts.

The Decline

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idThe Decline Position ensures a more comfortable and safe training aid and assessment device. This is not a trivial consideration as the more comfortable and secure players are while exercising on the unit, the more the will engage in, and adhere to, hamstring training/testing.

Work Done

The Unique design enables a greater insight into hamstring function and strength


“ When we think of building resilience or robustness the ability to achieve a high peak force and maintain it for as long as possible through the greatest arc of movement is probably the nirvana of isolated hamstring loading at present! ”

James Allen, Dublin Senior Football, IRFU National Team Physio (2012 – 2017), Old Belvedere Physiotherapy clinic B.Sc Physio; M.Sc Sports Med.

Unique Design

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The unique design of the Hamstring Solo Elite together with its automatic tear/zero function enables you to accurately assess individual rep data. Including Time to Peak, Work Done (area under the curve) Strength, Asymmetry, Force/kg, Torque (Nm) and Torque/kg.