360 Data-Bar

The 360 Data-Bar is an isometric and eccentric strength testing and training system, utilising cutting edge technology to enable users to test, train, and crucially provide reliable metrics for a wider variety of muscles & muscle groups than ever before.

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The 360 Data-Bar is built for a demanding high performance environment

The key attributes of the Hamstring Solo Elite system of ensuring reliable consistent data collection, quality, and user friendly software, are the foundation of the 360 Data Bar

The 360 Data Bar is built for a demanding high performance environment, ensuring that the key injury risk variables and muscle performance metrics can be instantly and objectively monitored

Enabling the medical staff to:

  • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Set training goals
  • Assess proven injury risk factors
  • Tailor specific programmes
  • Monitor fatigue
  • Manage rehabilitation.

Bilateral Groin Adduction and Hip Abduction

The 360 Data-Bar is designed to assist practitioners in the musculoskeletal assessment of athletes and patients, it can be easily transported and secured in place if necessary with standard gym weight plates or it can be bolted to the ground. Users can move the counter balanced centre bar up and down with minimal effort, and fully rotate it 360 degrees, enabling the measurement of numerous movements in a time efficient manner.

The 360 Data Bar connects seamlessly with our software to record strength data for over 40+ exercises & tests, in a multitude of different positions, & joint angles, including but not limited to isometric and eccentric hamstrings assessments, hip abduction & adduction, standing and seated hip flexion, shoulder internal & rotation , neck flexion extension, lateral neck flexion, ankle inversion & eversion, elbow flexion & extension, plantar flexion for gastrocnemius & soleus testing.

The software is quick and easy to use, it records the device setup for each assessment, aiding test retest reliability. Force data is generated and viewable in real time, providing biofeedback to ensure more effective and rapid progress towards the rehabilitation or performance goals.

The device is designed in sections enabling it fit into a compact transport case, suitable for commercial flights.

The sensors on the centre bar rotate 360 degrees enabling a greater range of comfort and assessment options.

Crucially, load sensors are highly sensitive to ‘off axis error’ and any misalignment introduces measurement error.

The unique configuration of the 360 Data-Bar eliminates alignment errors, resulting in exceptional accuracy.

The system’s peripheral sensors are adjustable along the length of the bar, accommodating different types of body/athlete/players shapes and sizes.

The iOS data collection app displays accurate real time results, providing instant objective muscle performance feedback. Users can view the biofeedback provided to help train more efficiently and equalise deficits, enabling ongoing refinement and customisation of rehabilitation and strength programmes.


The real-time objective data obtained can be easily exported and shared as a branded report, (personalised to include your company logo and contact information) straight to your client, e.g through WhatsApp, Email, Google drive etc.