Hamstring Solo – PRO

The Hamstring Solo Pro (non-instrumented, trainer bench) is a Patent protected exercise aid that enables athletes and players to train efficiently, effectively, anywhere and anytime.

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The Hamstring Solo - Pro is a robust unit suitable for gyms and multi-use scenarios.

Athletes can safely performing a diversity of high-tension isometric, eccentric and concentric exercise options at a wide variety of velocities and angles: improving hamstring performance and hamstring resilience.

It is also used post game/training as a tool to enable Micro-dosing of hamstring training throughout the season.

Used pitch-side immediately post-training or in the clinic pre or post therapy.

The Hamstring Solo - Pro is robust and easily transportable to camps, away games, etc.

The Hamstring Solo - Pro can be used in conjunction with a weighted pulley system to enable end range of motion.



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